Thursday, October 30, 2014

You can put me out with no shoes on my feet

The Gorgeous Blonde was listening to Moves Like Jagger (she has taste in men, not music) yesterday and I realized something: Mick Jagger is to blame for duck lips.

Please stop making music, Mick. Seriously, just stop.
We have a new house.

Well, not until January and it still has to go through escrow, but you know what I mean. It's a little farther (further?) away from the beach than I am now, but I will find a way to live. See for yourself:

Once we get into the house I'll share some deets about the new chez Martinez. But I think it's pretty bitchin.

I forgot to tell you - yesterday when I was out fishing, George and Gracie had a third stingray with them. I couldn't tell if it was their kid or a third sexual partner (Grace is into some kinky shit). Either way, he was younger (smaller) than them. It was pretty cool.

Okay, I have coffee, fishing pole, beach stuff to do.

Before they sucked. 

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