Sunday, October 19, 2014

We are we and they are they and we are normal

I think Toucan's should move their children's playground away from next to the smoking section and put it in the fucking street. - The Gorgeous Blonde last night.

Instagram makes dirty ashtrays look artistic as fuck

I agree. Screaming children are so tempting to, you know, drown. I mean the ocean is right fucking there.

We went looking at houses yesterday and one house dropped from our love list to our like list because of children.

Why do you have children? I mean, what made you want to procreate, bring your brood into the world, keep it (I wanted to say let it live but my inner editor stopped me), and then let it spend the next 18 years leeching off of you? Was it an accident and your Catholic upbringing duped you into keeping the parasite? Was it because you wanted to keep the family name going? Was it (and I suspect this is true for most people) because it's what you're supposed to do? Or are you just one of those sad, lonely types who needed something to love in your life but didn't want a cat?

I ask all of the above because I get tired of being asked why I don't have/want children. Like I'm some sort of freak because I actually enjoy sleeping in, going out whenever I want, fucking my wife's brains out in any room of the house at any given moment.

But mostly, I hear the annoying kids next door and their exasperated parents and think I won't tell anyone they were here if you decide to hold their heads under the sea for a few minutes. 

I fell in love with this guy's music/voice/songwriting last night. His name is Casey Black. You should check him out.

You know the drill. Beach, coffee, etc.


  1. I'm one of those "supposed to do" guys. Not the greatest dad in the world, but The Mrs. did a great job. Freshman year at UCLA. Not bad.

    1. Better than "not bad" but not as good as say a freshman at Stanford 😀