Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stop the world and let off all the fools

Some voices sound like home. I can't explain my affinity for Kacey Musgrave any other way.

I find myself ignoring the news lately. Don't get me wrong every once in awhile I'll log-in to Al Jazeera or watch the local news for a spell, but I can never stay for very long. Same people keep dying, same irrational fears causing blame on those who aren't really to blame, and same social injustice there's always been.

The news seems like a never ending rerun.

Some of you will get this.
My Chargers play the Broncos tomorrow. I ain't even scairt. The horsies had their moment on Sunday when little Peytie Pie broke what has become a less impressive record as the years go by and football evolves into a sport where so much as thinking about hitting the QB will get you a flag.

I'm saying we got this.

I need coffee, And a beach.

You thought this would be a Kacey Musgrave video, didn't you?

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