Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Staring at the sea with a gun in my hand

I just got back from the beach this morning. I think it's just going to come before this blog because, well, it's the beach.

See, really is the beach
There were dolphins and fish doing fish things. It was pretty cool. You would have liked it. You know, if you're into beauty and shit.

Ever since the move my dog has become an enormous asshole. To the point where I wish he really was a person so I could punch his fluffy fucking face. Simmer down hippy, I am not advocating violence against animals, I am simply saying I wanna feed Dexter to the sharks. That's Natural Selection, right?

I think he's just pissed because Mexico Beach doesn't allow dogs on the beach. Don't tell him I'm glad  about that. I might end up with poo in my hair as I sleep. Despite what Alyssa Milano says, WEN is just dirty hair. (Disclaimer: that was a fucking joke. I don't want Alyssa Milano's attorney's suing my balls off because I implied WEN is as useful as poo when it comes to cleaning hair.)

Okay, I am still working on my most recent story. It's not earth an earth shattering work of genius or anything of the sort. I just happen to be stuck.

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