Friday, October 24, 2014


Sometimes I dream so much I wake up tired.

Remember when you were a kid and you watched scrambled porn on the tv?

I only needed it to be clear a nanosecond to get full release
Well, that's what the Chargers/Broncos game looked like last night. I was not pleased. But then the Chargers started playing and I realized the media gods were sparing me. So thanks for that.

Also, Peyton Manning sucks.

I saw two stingrays yesterday! I thought it was a shark at first until I jumped into the water to investigate. They were right off shore frolicking or fucking or fighting. It was pretty cool. Unless they were fucking in which case I'm an asshole for interrupting mid-coitus.

I have a story mostly written that I am stuck on. It sucks. I may start from scratch.

Well, here's last night's sunset partial-eclipse.

It just looks like a nuclear (prnounced noo-k-yu-ler) explosion
 Coffee beach time.

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