Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'll have some of that

I slept in this morning and it was GOOOOOODDDDD!

Yes, that good.
So far this morning I have chilled with a seagull (he says to tell you all. 'whassup'), watched fish surfing and trying to fly, saw a couple of stingrays doing stingray stuff. It's been a good morning.

One thing I have noticed in my three weeks living in Florida: I am seeing way more Nanci Pelosi than I ever did in my entire life living in California. Apparently, some asshat named Steve is running against some woman and his big gambit is associating her with Pelosi so every ten minutes or so I get to see Nanci Pelosi on my television. Also, so much fucking fear rousing. Good lord, it you believe the ads there are more things to fear than there are to love about this country. If you listen closely you can hear booga booga! At the end of every commercial.

I can't wait til the election is over. Don't vote for Steve, Florida. He's an asshole (based solely on HIS ads).