Thursday, October 9, 2014

I would have been a sailor

It's good to have my computer connected to the World Wide Whatever again.

Last night I met a man who walked in on his wife with his best friend. It was a surreal story. Guy used to be a cop in Alabama. Walked in on them unexpectedly while on duty (so he he was armed) and managed not to shoot the fuckface. Did I mention said fuckface was his best friend?

Anyway, I wanted to give the guy a hug. At the very least I want to go fishing with him.

I plan on taking up fishing. It appeals to my hunter-gatherer side. Plenty of places here cook what you catch that day and as The Gorgeous Blonde is a fan of seafood, I can impress her with my manly feats of ... dangling my rod.

I'm better than that joke and you deserve more from me. I apologize.

I have to take my coffee to the beach.

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