Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I told the keeper I'm not the one who needs to make amends

I woke up, grabbed my phone, checked G+ and this was the first thing I saw on my feed:

Sounds just like something Frank Turner would write

I don't know if it's true (that it was carved into a concentration camp wall), but it's still a poignant thought. Anyway, it set my mood so I skipped writing until after I went to the beach this morning.

In case you think I'm lying.
Onto other things...

Went and saw Gone Girl yesterday. Apparently, in Florida you can buy beer and wine in movie theaters. That made The Gorgeous Blonde very happy. It also made the yapping yentas behind me especially chatty.

Oh my god, this movie is so long. 

Wait, I thought she was dead. 

Isn't that boy a hom-a-sekshul? I can't buy him playing straight. No straight man gonna dress that nice or be that polite.

How much longer til this movie ends? 

Takes longer to watch the dang movie than read the dang book! 

I started to twitch and was glad I didn't have a blunt instrument within reach.

Midway through their yap session I realized something: white people are just as shitty to watch movies with as black people. In fact, I will throw in Mexicans and Asians, too. Nobody on this fucking planet knows how to shut the fuck up and just watch a damn movie anymore.

You suck humans,

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