Thursday, October 16, 2014

Buckwheat has been shot

On Tuesday we went to the movies. We were ridiculously early so we used the time we had to kill to eat and peruse books at Goodwill. I stumbled across The Salmon of Doubt. I held it for a moment just stared. I realized a moment later that tears had formed at the corner of my eyes. Fortunately, The Gorgeous Blonde said something that brought me out of my haze and back to reality before I'd become a blubbering idiot.

I turn 42 in two days. I have never been more excited about a number.

Last night I was up until 2 AM in pain. I have a hiatal hernia and I all the time eat like shit while sometimes forgetting to take my meds. Yesterday was one of those sometimes. The cool thing about a hiatal hernia: when I finally do have an actual heart attack I won't be able to tell.

The highlight of the night (wing night at Mango Marley's!) was the singer playing Looking For Love. At the exact same time TGB looks at me and belts out Wookin Pa Nub. I was dying.

How I drink coffee these days
I have to take my coffee to the beach.

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