Friday, October 10, 2014

Boogers are not a meal.

Growing up in California I always thought we had a lot of Republicans and Democrats. For Fuck's sake, we had Pete Wilson and gave the world Nixon AND Reagan. So you can imagine my surprise when I left my awesome state and constantly heard about the left coast and all the damn liberals.

I know better, but people are going to believe what they hear if they hear it often enough.

So as I drove through Mississippi I thought, people are wrong about California so what if they're wrong about the south being a bunch of dumb, racist hicks?

So far, the stereotype has not stuck. Not in Mississippi, not in Alabama, certainly not here in Mexico Beach.

My guess? There really are idiotic racist types here in the south just like there really are hippies and liberals in California. I know California has its share of idiotic racist types so it would stand to reason that the south probably has liberals of its own.

So far, all I've seen is people who have embraced us just as we are; Californian and all.

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