Saturday, September 6, 2014

This could be everything we dreamed

I have floaties in my eyes. I should not be up this early on a Saturday, but my white brother is waiting for me in Hollywood and that's at least a two hour drive.

 He's the white one.
I have two very Chicano brothers - shaved heads, tats, baggy clothes, one Raiders fan, one Cowboys fans, both Doyers fans. One white brother - see above (also a Doyers fan). Somehow, I ended up a hybrid. Even though I came first. Weird.

Stanford plays USC today. No other game matters.

Nebraska plays McNeese State. They gotta get their wins somehow. Hell, at least Alabama is playing a DI team.

And yes, I refuse to acknowledge the whole FCBS crap. That was the NCAA changing crap just to change crap. Hey guys, we made it more confusing and convoluted! Fuck you, NCAA.

Coffee's ready.

The SEC still sucks.