Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's just a rumour that was spread around town

I remember when Christian Ponder was the shiny new toy for the Minnesota Vikings. Now he's inactive. Poor kid.

But then I remember that he's married to his own hot blonde named Samantha and I stop feeling sorry for him.

The dork on the left is Christian.

Last night I was sitting in the Hollywood Bowl listening to Elvis Costello sing Shipbuilding and I was hit with a very sudden sadness for humanity. I thought, we humans are a sad little lot. We create magic like music and art, then we get so hell bent on destroying it all and each other. And for what?
None of it matters. None of the wealth or power accumulated means anything outside of our very brief existence. I really hope Ebola wins. 

We are entirely too frivolous with the lives of fellow humans

Okay, I have to go make pancakes and watch football all day.

Happy First Football Sunday of the year!