Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm still having dreams

It's that time again. Tattoo day.

The Gorgeous Blonde stole my idea for a compass themed tattoo. She'll deny it, of course. She'll say it was inspired by her own journey of navigating through her cancer diagnosis and making it through to the other side. And she'll wax poetic about a Frank Turner song affecting her in a way that only music can; of getting inside of her and saying the very thing she's been feeling and afraid to say herself. And she's right, of course. Women tend to have that unique ability - to be right even when they aren't.

And I would whine, it was my idea! I've wanted one since my dad died and I lost the only thing that has ever and always guided my life. The day he died I lost my compass, my rudder, and my north all in the same instant. I've been adrift ever since. And I would be right.

And neither of us would be wrong.

Well, except me, of course, on account of my being a boy and having an evil man penis.

None of us would ever be wrong. We all need that thing that gets us from this point to the next. We all share that desire to find our own way. We've all, everyone of us, felt lost from time to time and sometimes we just need that thing that reminds us that we're okay. You're okay.

I can't wait to see what Jeremy has created for her.

You should press play. Just listen to the words. Trust me.


  1. I allowed my passport to expire this year so I couldn't run. Guess, I'll be checking out some Frank Turner - I hate you both and love you both for that one.

  2. You will fall in love.

    You're welcome.