Thursday, September 18, 2014

I got way more friendship bracelets!

Holy water has poop in it. You're welcome.

Reason #352 The Gorgeous Blonde is the coolest:

I fell in love with Koo Koo Kangaroo back at our first Frank Turner show. At first I wasn't sure what the hell I was looking at on stage. But then I found myself not wanting it to end. They're music is fun, goofy, and connects me with my inner goofy kid. I love 'em.

So anyway, they're on tour in England with Frank. I missed the memo from when they were crowd funding to raise $22 for some fish and chips so they could blog about it. They raised slightly more than that thanks in part to my wife's oh so generous $13 (they asked for odd numbers) and in return they promised a picture saying hi. She asked that they say hi to me.

It's a goofy thing to you. To me, it brought a little lump in my throat. But then again, I'm a weeper.

High energy dance-jams about Unicorns, Dinosaurs and Friendship Bracelets. #koofishpic
Anyway, you should check them out. They are what fun is supposed to be. And they're really nice guys.

All I want for you is to find someone who gets you without judging you.

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