Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I find myself choking on all my contradictions

It's good to have you back, James Spader. Good to see the producers got rid of the shitty wig on whatshername. Although, making us sit through an episode of the worst extension ever put on a head of hair was laughable. Seriously, it's Hollywood but all last season her hair looked like she was in a shitty high school play.

That's my recap of The Blacklist. You should watch it. It's even better now that the hair issue has been resolved.

Speaking of hair, apparently Kaley Cuoco never watched Felicity. Granted, her hair was never as beautiful as the tight curls that graced Keri Russell's head, but still.

Let's just hope it grows out before it leads to cancellation.
She went from looking like the second sexiest woman on Big Bang Theory to looking like a middle aged insurance salesman. Fortunately, bad hair cuts grow out.

Gwen and Pharrell are on The Voice. I half watched, half played an addicting new game on my phone. I like them both, but I think I am over the show. Although, Gwen has the personality to reel me back in. I love her getting on stage with these strangers and just being Gwen.

She is the quintessential California Girl (shut the fuck up Katy Perry fans).

If California was a girl it would be this one (or Marisa Miller, depending on my mood)
I'm bored with this post.