Monday, September 22, 2014

I drank too much and shouted it aloud

My body still hurts from hitting golf balls two days ago. Fuck you Father Time.

Chargers won yesterday.

We must never forget. Never.
Denver lost. I am pleased.

Dear Deon, you're not penalized because you called tails. You're penalized because your defense sucks.

I also write short stories. I keep that separate from this dribble to keep things from getting all convoluted. I started my next story. I will have it up before we hit the road. I think.

I woke this morning to caramel truffle coffee and The Gorgeous Blonde saying these words: yesterday was your last Sunday ever in California City. I will be smiling the rest of the day.

There is something indefinable about Kristen Wiig that I absolutely love. I thought it was just because she is hilarious (which she is). I thought it was because she wrote one of the best comedies of the last twenty-years (which she did).

Not just an excuse for a gratuitous Ellie Kemper picture. I swear.

But I was watching Walter Mitty the other day and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I catch myself thinking I want to see her create more things. I don't know what it is, I really don't. I just have a funny feeling that she is going to do lots of amazing things in her life.

Go flick a stranger's child in the ear. Do it!

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