Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hope it's right when you die, old and bony

After two plus years of using Pandora and less than one month of using Slacker I've decided that Slacker is so very much better.


Simple, when I create an artist station on Pandora I get that artist and usually the same  handful of songs played over and over again.

Example: I created a Frank Turner station on each platform. With Pandora I got my Frank fix and about sixty-seven different versions and covers of New Slang. Okay, I exaggerate about the number of versions; it was more like a handful. And yes, it really did play at least every third or fourth song. I even gave the song a thumb down and I got that version of that same song to stop popping up. Seeing as there are multiple covers and live versions of the same song, well, you can guess how annoyed I got to simply keep hearing the various other versions of the same exact song.

I created the same station on Slacker and I've been getting my Frank fix along with a whole host of other cool music. I've actually stumbled across some new music that I like a lot. And there isn't the constant repeat of the same four or five songs over and over and over...

That pops into my head every morning while I take a shower (when I first turn on my music).

The good thing for Pandora is that I only have about two dozen regular readers. But if they tell two people and those two people tell two people ,,,

Football sucks.