Tuesday, September 9, 2014

26 reds and a bottle of wine

I'm a little cranky this morning. The Chargers did what they always do: snatch defeat from the arms of victory.

I can tell myself that those were two really good teams and one of them had to win.

I can tell myself that the defense looked light years ahead of last year.

I can tell myself Eddie Royal is wasting a roster space for an actual wide receiver who can catch and finish routes.

All of the above would be true, too.

But as a lifelong Chargers fan I have seen last night's movie too many times to believe it's anything other than the Chargers being the fucking Chargers. Again. Get a lead, play not to lose. Never play to win.

Okay, I feel a little better now.
Hey, did you know there was an organization that was aware that one of their own was raping boys and then tried to cover it up at an institutional level? Yeah.

And this time, I'm not talking about the Catholic Church (I know, I'm as shocked as you).

This was Penn State and a guy named Jerry Sandusky. Maybe you've heard of him?

Well, yesterday the NCAA decided that Penn State had paid for their sins after just two years of sanctions.

That's right boys and girls, systematic cover up of boy rape is only going to get you put on time out for two years. Twice as long as say... smoking a fucking joint.

Fuck the NCAA.

Oh yeah, and yesterday the Ravens and the NFL went into cover-your-ass mode by cutting and suspending Ray Rice indefinitely. Because somehow seeing a woman get knocked the fuck out lights a fire under their ass in a way that seeing a unconscious woman's body dragged from an elevator couldn't.


Eat shit.