Thursday, August 28, 2014

You don't know why or where I'm coming from

Punched myself awake this morning. Literally. I was asleep. Then, *WHACK* across my face. I can only surmise I must have been doing something I shouldn't. Or I had an itch.

One thing that is of paramount importance when planning a drive across this vast country of ours is music. You must have the right driving music, but you also must have the right passenger music. No one ever thinks of that. With technology being what it is, there is no reason a passenger need be subjected to a driver's shitty taste in music.

Fortunately for The Gorgeous Blonde I have excellent taste in music so she will never have that problem. But, for the sake of argument, let's say she's not in the mood for Barry Manilow or ABBA (both featured extensively on my driving music playlist), she can pop in her ear buds and listen Christina Perry whine incessantly if she pleases.

Don't mock - every time the Like A Good Neighbor State Farm song gets stuck in your head, you're singing Manilow.
I've been spending a lot of the last two days cleaning up my iTunes so I could add just the right music to my new phone. I need 31 hours of proper tune-age to make it to Florida. Manilow, ABBA, Travolta (yep, he sang a few ditties back in the day), Starland Vocal Band, Captain and Tennille, Linda Ronstadt... all the best. Good times. Good times indeed.

I like Jason Mraz. She loves Jason Mraz. She Likes James Morrison. I love James Morrison. I think we'll be alright.

Peace out, bitches.