Sunday, August 17, 2014

There's air of silence in the bedroom

I think I'm going to become part of the masses of individuals who work for themselves as some sort of virtual assistant/jack-of-all trades on the interwebs. It frees me up to write, do road trips whenever the spirit moves me, and work in my underwear.

My friend Jeff once told me I should learn to code. This was in the mid-late 90s and I just figured he was looking for a cohort to hack the world wide web into submission. I didn't learn to code, but I became a computer nerd/savant. So I have some skills is what I'm saying.

Plus, I'm a people person! (Somewhere on the Monterey Peninsula someone is rolling their eyes)

I was forced to watch Pretty Woman again last night. We had a spirited debate about which soundtrack was better: Pretty Woman or Beverly Hills Cop. I contend the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack was infinitely better. The Gorgeous Blonde rolled her eyes at me and explained that I was a silly little man.

The heat was definitely on. You're welcome pun lovers. That was way too much work for that crappy joke, btw.

Here's a sexy picture:

Sorry, I cannot hear your 'safety' word (thanks Karen)

If you're the church type on this Sunday tell Jesus I said, 'sup.

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