Sunday, August 24, 2014

That's why I'm easy

It's football season. Game three of the preseason to be specific. The one they say matters most. They are idiots, but you knew that.

Marry someone like this. I did. 
Some off the cuff predictions: Johnny Football will end up being this generation's Ryan Leaf. He's a talented, but immature twat.

Johnny, this is your future.
My beloved Chargers will get nowhere on their new stadium, they will make the playoffs as a wildcard and upset a team that should beat them then choke against the eventual Superb Owl winners. Again.

The Raiders will suck. Again. Their fans even moreso.

Teddy Bridgewater will take over at some point and make the Browns and Raiders wonder what might have been.

Tom Brady will sleep with a supermodel. Again.

Peyton Manning is the GOAT talk will begin in earnest around week six. Again. He isn't.

I will post +/- 20 pictures of the Houston Texan Cheerleaders this season.
I'll bitch about being stuck with Jacksonville Jags/New Orleans Saints games when I move to Florida every week.

The Iggles will regress as the rest of the league catches on to the Chip Kelly offense.

Gus and I will continue to lobby for Melissa Stark to get her own, all Melissa, all the time channel.

Best thing on NFL Network, possibly in the history of television.
And finally, Roger Goodell will continue to suck the life out of the game.

Have a Sunday.