Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jerry was a race car driver

So Tony Stewart killed a guy. That was the thing blowing up my twitter feed when I woke this morning. I always figured Danica Patrick would be the first Nascar driver to run someone over - woman driver and whatnot. Sad story.

Madalena Antas. A race car driver. Not built like a 12 year-old boy (I'm looking at you, Danica)
Met my new niece, Charisma, last night. She's a doll baby with a stripper name. Uncle Rudy is going to have to steer her away from the pole and bad life decisions.

It's my world now, bitches!!!
My brother makes disgustingly cute babies.

I got a world that was better than the one my dad inherited. The kids that came after me are the first generation for whom that is not true. I am really hoping to get that turned around for this kid.

Peace out.