Sunday, August 3, 2014

She makes a man want to speak Spanish

There's a Rudy on So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, I watch SYTYCD. Remember, while you're sitting there judging me, I watch it curled up on a couch with a tall leggy blonde.

Rudy is obnoxiously upbeat and sweet. The opposite of me. He's hard not to cheer for. Again, the opposite of me (you were thinking it).

Here's the thing about Rudy: you get the sense that he's genuinely one of the good guys. There's an innocence about him that makes me want to see the world the way he seems to; with wonder, unbridled joy, and beauty.

He's dating one of the other dancers. When he was asked if he kissed her after a recent date he was genuinely flustered. It was sweet. There was no pretense about it, he just genuinely was caught off guard by the question and it never occurred to him that he should kiss and tell.

I like him. He's a good egg.

Also, his partner has amazing hips.

Hips don't lie
Now excuse me while I go get ready for football season.