Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nevermind, I'll find someone like Hugh

I'm not going to miss the clakitty clak clak of Dexter walking on this crappy fake-wood floor. I am going to miss him having no grip and falling on his face when he tries to run. It's fun to torture small animals.

This is one of those mornings I really do not feel like doing this. I told myself get to 1000. I blame Sammy Obeid for that number. He's one of my favorite comedic people. He's just nice a nice guy, you know? He did 1000 nights of comedy so I figure I can do 1000 mornings of Dribble. Cuz, you know, writing mindless ramblings in my pajamas is the same thing as hustling for stage time every night.

A lot of my comedic friends are having a measure of success right about now. And a lot more of my other comedic friends are being bitchy little twats about it.

One of the things I've learned about comedy is that there are mostly two different types of people in the comedy arena. There are the cool people like me who believe in paying it forward, busting your ass, and generally being a good guy.

Then there are twats who feel entitled.

Thus sayeth the Lord

The entitled comedian is the guy who whines about other comedians, bitches about how shitty the most recent comedian to get a sitcom is, complains about the open-mic he is currently attending as somehow being beneath him, doesn't understand how he doesn't have an agent yet, treats features like shit, thinks comedy is easy, and is generally not well liked by anyone else. But the one thing he doesn't do: bust his ass.

I hate that guy. Whatever you do in life, don't be that guy.

It's Tuesday. Make sure you put the garbage out.