Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's like picking up trash in dresses

Thursday night I watched The Fault In Our Stars with TGB. I began that day knowing we were going to watch it that evening. I tried to offset the coming emotional puddle I knew I would become by listening to a lot of Jack Off Jill. It did not work.

I think I have finally recovered. Mostly.

When I watched The Descendants I was disappointed. For all the hoopla, it sucked. Except for Shailene Woodly. She was the one thing that made that movie tolerable. I expected great things from her after that. She delivered in Fault.

Stop it, Rudy, you're making me weepy.

We'll just pretend Divergent never happened.

Watch the movie as a movie. Don't be the twat who watches a movie based on a book who then bitches because it isn't a literal adaptation of every fucking word of the book. That's not what based on means.

Football time.