Monday, August 11, 2014

Grow up be an adult yeah be bored and unfulfulled

I love when I find a movie that reminds me I'm not so fucking crazy, that ugly shit does happen to other people and they turn it into something beautiful. That was my thought as the credits rolled on The Perks of Being a Wallflower last night. Plus, the Ally Sheedy-ification of Emma Watson was just awesome. I cannot recommend that movie enough. 

Watch this movie. 

Things I am going to miss about living in California City:


Water that dries my skin from the inside out. Seriously, I love looking like a sleestack after a shower.

Intermittent internet connection. Seriously Charter, you make me long for the days of dial-up. You are that awesome in a rectal cancer sort of way. 


Seventeen mile drives to get groceries.

Golf balls leaving holes in the side of my house. Sure the fairway is at least fifty yards in the opposite direction of my house from the tee, but kudos to you for getting oh so fucking close. 

Wind blown dirt. 

The sound of meth houses blowing up.

Prisoners using it the way a dog uses a smaller dog.

Wet dirt on the rare occasion it rains. You're thinking mud, Rudy but you are wrong. It's dirt that is wet. 

The nothing-to-do for miles of it all. 

The fucking awesome internet connection. I've been kicked off eight times typing this. And if I have to explain the sarcasm of the preceding list, you're a moron. 

Fuck it, I have to drive to Santa Monica.

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