Thursday, July 31, 2014

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Life is not this static thing; the change is constant whether you acknowledge it or not. Physically, mentally, even spiritually we are not the same person we once were and we won't be the same down the road.

I love change. I always have. For me, change = adventure.

A major change on my horizon: moving to Florida with The Gorgeous Blonde. I'm excited, nervous, ready. Life on the beach with the woman I love and an annoying, fluffy dog sounds good to me. And I plan on writing there. A lot.

And maybe finding a real job because comedy doesn't pay the bills. Doesn't mean I won't be doing comedy (I hear there's a pretty happening comedy scene in the Panama City area). It just means I don't want to be on the road for the time it takes to do more than break even.

Plus, I'm a better writer than comedian.

So all of this leads me back to (hold please, I am being dictated to)

my wife is so awesome she made the best vegetable soup for dinner after taking me to breakfast and buying me dodgers tickets i love her she is the best ever

And yes, TGB interrupted me, said I'm going to dictate to you and I started typing. Also, everything she said is true.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this leads me to changing my FB page.

Photo credit: Rudy Martinez
Look at all of this deep shit I am giving you.

For me, it's a simple thing I want to change. I want to dump my FB and start over again. So... I decided to hit delete and start over. Why? Because I can. Because I am too lazy to go through and dump the people who make me hate the human race. Because it's been years since I started and I am not the same man I was then.

Because fuck you, that's why.

Many of you will come with me. In fact, I doubt that the people I plan on leaving behind even read this.

So now you know. Or maybe you still don't get it in which case you're too moronic to come to my new page.

I have brainyquoted the shit out of this post!
Gimme a couple of weeks to respond because I'll be busy, but here's the new page: only the cool kids are allowed.