Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Life, the Universe, and everything

It seemed to him that he was one of the thoughts of the Universe and that the Universe was a thought of his. ~ Douglas Adams

This one is for you, Terry.

What inspires me is the finite-ness of life.

This life is going to end.

Hell is an endless loop of Adam Carolla's podcast.
Death does not scare me.

When you bury enough people whose sum makes up the whole of you, you eventually get it: this life is precarious and finite. I am going to die. And so are you. That's not macabre, that's not scary, that's just fact.

To me, that fact is inspirational as fuck.

Well do you?
The finite-ness of life inspires me to love passionately, to create constantly, to savor moments like a fat man savors the flavors in a Porterhouse steak.

The finite-ness of life inspires me to live my life in a way so that when I die I will not have any boxes unchecked on my bucket list.

The finite-ness of life even inspires those moments of, well, inspiration when I would otherwise sleep. Creative types understand that one.

The finite-ness of life is, ironically, the thing that makes this life most worth living. It forces me to cherish those around me and not suffer fucktards.

The finite-ness of life reminds me that this life is all I get. And that is more than enough.

Okay, I am sick of you. Go away.