Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things...

Freaking out she said, what's happening?!?!

Calmly I replied, umm, Dexter is shitting in your living room.

That's a conversation that happened. Dexter had been outside peeing an hour before the above crime. Dexter is an asshole.

It's strange to see Jason Statham with a full head of hair.

I like Jason Statham. He doesn't try to act. He isn't prone to giving pithy one liners. He just does Jason Statham shit. Namely, he kicks a lot of ass.

Also, his Ohhhh face.
You get the feeling watching a Jason Statham movie that Guy Ritchie met him and thought, let's just put this guy on a set  and make a movie AROUND him. And it works every fucking time. Have you ever watched a Jason Statham movie and not enjoyed it? Can you tell a Jason Statham character apart from any other Jason Statham character in any other Jason Statham movie? Exactly. And yet, he's FUCKING AWESOME ALWAYS!

Well, The One just ended.

Carla Gugino is also in The One (Jet Li, too!)
Carla Gugino just oozes sexy. But that's a post for another day. One where I haven't been sexless in a month and a half.

Coffee just dinged!