Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Iraq Lobster (ooohhhhaaahhhh)

All the shit that's going down in the Middle East has me thinking cancer wasn't the worst thing that could have happened to The Gorgeous Blonde. She's coming up on two years cancer free and cannot deploy til the five year mark. By then she'll be on the cusp of retirement.

Fighting over imaginary friends and imaginary dividing lines. The world is a special kind of stupid.

How small does your dick have to be for you to add coal to your overcompensating truck?

Penis must be this small to drive this truck.
Your kids are going to inherit a shitty, used up planet barely worth having.

Thank god for Roe v. Wade or my kids would be too.

Don't forget, I created a new place to post my short stories and non-dribble related stuff here: Stories I Tell. Look for something new in the coming days.

Peace out, bitches!