Friday, July 18, 2014

I used to think that I would never live past twenty-five

Yesterday was a bizarre day.

I received an email from a reader of The Gorgeous Blonde's blog trying to reach out to her. She was at the beginning of her fight with cancer and was inspired by what she read. It was touching to read. It was awesome to know that my wife makes a difference in the lives of, not just those around her, but in the lives of complete strangers.

About the same time as that email came in, word came that a very dear friend of mine lost her husband in a horrible accident. She is simply one of the most awesome people I have ever known and I am not ashamed to say that because of just how good of a human being she is, this loss sucks just a little more than it otherwise would.

I remember that Tuesday in September when the planes hit the towers. I was in downtown Akron and they evacuated all the high-rises (yes, Akron has high-rises) so I went home. We lived in a complex that housed a few of our closest friends. She saw that I came home so we spent the day together... watching the news, calling loved ones, even doing some retail therapy. When our respective roommates got home we all huddled together a little closer. Seemingly more aware of the frailty of life. Definitely more aware of the value of those around us.

The pride I was feeling for my wife was tempered by the pain of knowing a dear friend is hurting. And I was reminded yet again of the finite-ness of life.

Love unapologetically, my friends.