Sunday, July 20, 2014

I could fuck you, but then I'd have to kill you

Technically it will be morning in fifteen minutes so consider this an early-as-fuck edition.

I have an opening line for a new story. I had about three thousand words, but they kept getting deleted and all I was left with was the first line. Mind you, the three thousand words weren't consecutive. There would be as few as fifty, then ctrl a, delete.

Then start over again, get up to as many as six or seven hundred then ctrl a, delete.

I think I am daunted by the idea of writing something that is going to scare you too much. Not in an ahhh, that was so scary! sort of way. No. More in a I think Rudy might be clinically insane sort of way.

Whatever. The fucking story will be up on Friday. Please note, I did not say Friday morning, or Friday afternoon. My only promise is that it will be up on Friday California time.

I finally caught the series finale of Californication tonight. I am going to miss Hank Moody. The series could have ended as a stand alone single season show and it would have been perfect. But then the world have been denied the Carla Gugino season and that simply would have been tragic.

Good night, nag.