Friday, July 11, 2014

Do you believe in life after love

I woke up hungry this morning. Then I remembered I have left over Italian sausage in the fridge. So I got out of bed singing Timmy T (because God hates me), came downstairs and made a fuckingfantastic omelette.

I have coffee in hand and two adorable dogs at my side.

What I'm saying is I am not in my usual morning mood. I'm almost obnoxiously perky. I apologize.

I don't want to end up like Becca.
In the same week the RNC announced they're coming to Cleveland and LeBron announced he is returning to Cleveland. Either things are improving for C-town or, (and far more likely) the Universe is creating the ultimate setup for one hell of a punchline. God hates Cleveland.

Okay, I am going to take my happy ass to the garage and paint some shit.

But first...