Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You could keep me floating...

The thing about tattoos is that before you're done getting your current one, you're already thinking about the what and where of your next one.

A little homage to the Gorgeous Blonde, plus something to fap to when she is away. 
The idea for my next one (a back piece) combines the stars and the ocean. We're all made from star stuff and we first came from the seas. So sometime next year I'll begin the process.

Anyway, how are you? How have you been? I feel like all I ever talk about is me. Anything new in your life? New kids? New job? Oh, that's really interesting.

See I can listen.

This relationship of ours, where do you see it in five years? In ten?

Don't say doing your wife.

Remember boys and girls, this life is it. Do something with it that would make you want to come back as yourself if you really could be reincarnated.

You're welcome.

I really don't know why I shared this.

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