Monday, June 30, 2014

You can top it off with a Pekingese Parfait

I think I am done with men's soccer. I may watch You Ese tomorrow, but if Maria Sharapova is playing in Wimbledon my patriotism is going by the wayside.

Soccer, like tennis, is far more entertaining when played by Maria Sharapova women.
So the SCOTUS decided that believing in an imaginary friend gives companies the right to opt out of paying for certain types of birth control for women. I'm more than a little embarrassed, but unsurprised. We're a country that clings to an imaginary time when everything was better so it makes sense that we would cling to our imaginary gods.

I was watching one of the Thor movies and it struck me that in a few hundred years someone is going to make a Jesus movie where he's a badass sent to save mankind and the irony will be lost on people much like the irony is lost on us when we make works of fiction about former deities.

Also, the new Transformers was not good. Not good at all. Not as bad as the second one, but not much better either.

Read what my friend Gus wrote about women: Sausage for Breakfast

This coffee tastes like dirt.