Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why would a man on a Harley steal pillows?

Sometimes I go to TGB's Facebook page, click her About link, scroll to the Married to and just smile.

I read that Eric Cantor lost in the Virginia primaries. He's an idiot. But he lost to a bigger (scarier) idiot. I don't think Progressives should be too excited; they still have to win the general election. Gerrymandering has made that all but impossible.

I love Forney.

Not just an excuse to post a Natalie Portman pic

Sometimes I meet a character in a movie and I develop a relationship. I know that sounds crazy, but you probably do it too. Think about an actor you see playing multiple roles. Now imagine him/her in the role you fell in love. Tell me there isn't some little part of you that doesn't always associate them with the character that made you fall in love with them. That, my friends, is a relationship. Sure it's one sided and there are probably some psychological implications that come with it, but still.

Every time I see James Frain in any number of very Brittish roles I always scream at the screen/tv, Forney!

Forney is impossible not to cheer for. He's that friend you want to see happy just because he's kind and decent in a way we all should aspire to be. But he's not dull. And when you get to the end of the movie and he wins the girl, you actually catch yourself thinking you deserve better than Natalie Portman.

I swear to god, I never know what is going to come out of my piehole when I turn my computer on.

Coffee's ready!

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