Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thoughts arise like butterflies

How was I?

Comedy Jesus and the other Rudy were my two favorites tonight. 


At least you were better than the headliner! 

The two hecklers that got tossed were better than the headliner.

They were my third favorite! 

That was a conversation I had after my show last night. It's why I love my friend, Charlie. He doesn't blow sunshine up my ass when I suck. He doesn't see sunshine. Even in daytime. But that's a different post for a different day.

I didn't suck last night, but I had clearly regressed. Too much time away from a stage. I have only myself to blame.

Highlight of the night: two Mexicans getting offended that the black guy was making fun of Koreans, storming out of the show and announcing that they buttfuck comedians. It was just another night doing comedy.

Viva Mexico! (the game is on)