Moved down to Scarsdale, Where the hell am I?

Watching RIPD for two reasons: Ryan Reynold's abs and Marisa Miller's everything, I'll let you know which is better tomorrow.

You're welcome.

Last night Cosmos ended. I was sad. But I caught myself thinking about aliens (the green kind, not the illegal kind).

I have a theory. Maybe it's more of a question. Whatever it is...

What if there is/was intelligent life on other planets? And like on our planet, they have other critters like dolphins and mice and whatever else. Also like our planet, they had similar tendencies; love, compassion, lust, greed, etc.

I got to thinking, if there are many planets like that, there has to be at least a few where the intelligent life is/was full of as much hubris as we humans are. And I bet some of those planets had scientists who warned that their behavior was having catastrophic effects on their planet.

If we survive long enough to get to some of those planets I bet we'll find happy dolphins and mice living and not a little relieved that the so called intelligent species on their planet managed to kill themselves off.

That thought was immediately supplanted by the thought of aliens visiting earth and finding happy dolphins and mice.

There's not enough Marisa in this movie. Or this post.


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