Thursday, June 26, 2014

I would like to have seen Montana

It's that time. Military wife is taking us to Tyndall, AFB in Florida. Trust me when I say I am SO FUCKING HAPPY TO BE LEAVING CAL CITY!

Confession time: I'm only kinda paying attention as I type. The USA/Germany game is on. I prefer women's soccer. Sweat covered, passionate, talented women just do it for me.

"Your objectification can kiss my ass!" - Megan Rapinoe (maybe I made that up)

Plus, the women aren't near the pussified floppers that the men are.

I watch the Men's World Cup because it's my patriotic dooty.

So far Germany looks much better than the US. Not surprising, really.

Here, read this instead: I Need A Vacation, Yours Will Do Nicely

Coffee is ready

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