Sunday, June 22, 2014

I smoke your brand of cigarettes and pray that you might give me a call

Show last night was eh. I tried some brand new material that still needs massaging. Or maybe it needs to be dumped. We'll see.

I keep seeing this one meme about vampires:

Twilight, the Prequal.
Let me explain something to you: your vampires were outsmarted and defeated by Cory fucking Feldman and Cory fucking Haim. You don't get to pretend they were somehow more manly than the little pussy vampires running around today. And really, Bill S. Preston is not helping your case.

If these guys kick your vampires' asses, your argument is invalid.
There really is only ONE cool vampire and she can kick every other vampire's ass:

I not only make this shit look good, I kick ass doing it.
I did not wake up intending to talk about vampires. Apparently my inner adolescent girl needed to be heard today.

I had long hair in high school. In my mind I looked like that dark haired dude in the Lost Boys meme. In reality I looked like Mel Kiper with extensions.

Coffee maker just beeped.