Friday, June 13, 2014

I let the dogs out. Me. I did it.

Dexter is my dog. Chaplin is my best friend's dog. Chaplin and Dexter are currently in the kitchen eating each others food. Why? I have no idea. Each refuses to eat their usual food.

Also, they have a lot of gay dog sex. Chaplin is about half the size of Dexter but he is most definitely the dom. Even though his lipstick is only thigh high on Dexter, he pumps away at air and fur.

They're really big on what I call the doggy 69. That's where they stand side by side, ass to face, with their face under one another licking the lipstick.

Dogs are gross.

come give daddy a kiss


  1. My two boys will not stop humping each other. I was thinking of writing a blog post - I wonder who does that?

    1. I thought about including pics, but then I remembered "this is the internet, there's probably some freak out there who would get off on it."