Thursday, June 5, 2014

I didn't think this would happen again

I saw Liz Phair at the airport once. I almost piddled. She's tiny and adorable in an I'm tiny but still more woman than you can handle sort of way.

America, where we're more offended by women's nipples than idiots with guns shooting kids. 

I woke up thinking about that because I woke up thinking about how many days before I pick up the Gorgeous Blonde at the airport (many, many, MANY days away). The day I saw Ms. Phair I was picking up TGB.

You're a better writer than comedian, Rudy.

I've heard/read multiple variations of the above in the last few days. It's true. But fuck you.

In unrelated news I am writing a few more stories and compiling the makings for a book. It'll be a best seller. Then I can hire people to ignore you for me.

Love you, mean it!

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