Saturday, June 21, 2014

Before you came along, we Bagginses were very well thought of.

Last night I was told you have a Frodo ass; it's two feet off the ground and smells like Middle Earth.

It was a good time. Bitch.

My mockery was turned into a winning CAH.

I have to head up the road to Moraga for a show tonight. Then back down to SoCal for the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival.

I've been staring at the cursor for ten minutes listening to my best friend try to deal with two dogs. Usually I have to deal with them - mostly because they listen to me. At the moment there is thud, thud, bark, SIT! thud, squeek, bark, Dexter! squeek, bark, Chaplin! I don't know how people with kids do it. Sadistic fuckers.

Hope Solo beat up some family members. Allegedly.

Like you'd be mad if she beat the shit out of you.
Have a day.

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