Friday, June 20, 2014

Any KOA is a okay as long as I'm with you

I hate dogs today. Not actual hate, but the way I hate kids when I say I hate kids. Only, I always hate kids that way. I hate dogs just today.

Ungrateful, needy little bastards staring at me while I eat even after I feed them before taking care of my own sustenance. Fuck you, dogs. Fuck you in your little doggy face.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was surrounded by real dogs. Instead I am sleeping with a rat looking thing and a boy princess who cries like you just gave him a four finger enema if you look at him stern. Definite downgrade in the bed-sharing department.

Little fucking mouth breathers.

Don't care, I'm fabulous!

Busy week ahead. Shows up and down this motha. Show in Moraga, CA tomorrow night. Eagle Rock Comedy Festival shows Tues and Thurs night (free to attend). And rounding out the week in Monterey at the Blue Fin on June 28th.

Wait, AOL is still a thing? I had no idea. 

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