Saturday, June 28, 2014

All the best people are

Every so often I come across things that make me think, how is that even still a thing?

Like the GOP, or Nicholas Cage's movie career. Seriously, how are either of those still a thing?

Recently I've been wondering how slut shaming is still a thing. Well, I don't get how it was ever a thing. A woman let's you do things like touch her boobies and slap your balls against her ass and you bad mouth her for it?

That makes sense.

When I get laid I high five my wife, I just got laid! 

Me too! 

High five!

That's how it should always be.

In case you were wondering, I am a huge slut.

Anyway, that was a bit I wrote the other day just before the Eagle Rock Comedyfest. Then someone else did a similar bit so I shelved it just before I got on stage. Poor little bit never got to live. Except here on my blog.

Here's a short story I wrote: A Cup Of Coffee.

It was inspired by a song I love: