Monday, May 5, 2014

She's so wrapped up in her invisible llama...

Don't you want to be liked?

I am liked.

But you are also hated. By A LOT of people.

Yeah, but all those people are uninteresting.

I'm alone for a week while The Gorgeous Blonde is off saving the world in Ohio. That means six days in my own filth followed by an hour long shower with a fire hose.

It means a tattoo tomorrow. And a haircut. Although, the two aren't related. Except that my tattoo artist is cute. So I don't wanna look like shit. (If my wife can swoon over hers, I can swoon over mine)

Hers (Jeremy Swan, Broken Art Tattoo)

Mine. (Alayna Mangnan, Art & Soul Tattoo)

It means recording a goofy video to It's The End Of The World As We Know It. Emma Stone is not the only one who can lip sync. Look for it Saturday.

It means lots of video games.

It means lots of bad coffee. Woman's work!

It means lots of shitty food.

It means the NFL Draft. Mmmmmmm the NFL Draft.

It means lots of really loud music and dancing in my underwear. And sometimes even commando.

You're not designed to be alone...

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