Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And the colored girls go doo doo doo doo doo

When Lou Reed is the first thing I hear in my head after the last word in a book, I know it's a good book. That happened when I finished The Fault In Our Stars. Also, there's a kid in there named Augustus Not Gloop.

Not Augustus Waters (but who I pictured Hazel smooching on in Amsterdam)
It was a good-not-great-book. I would highly recommend it. It's pretty predictable, but it's so well written that that one hamartia is easily forgiven. If the movie is as a good a movie as the book is a book then I have zero doubt I will be relieved The Gorgeous Blonde is not there to mock me for crying like a girly man when it comes to theaters.

One quick side rant: I went and saw that crapfest they called The Descendants. It. Was. Fucking. AWFUL. And that's coming from a guy who loves George Clooney and damn near worships Judy Greer.

Judy Greer. Now you know her name. 

That movie was just fucking dreadful. I don't get the accolades. However, the one shining star was Shailene Woodly. She was sublime. Frankly, George's accolades would have been better spent on the future Hazel Grace. When the credits rolled I had two thoughts: I want my fucking money back, and I cannot wait to see that young lady in something good.

Have a day.

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