Friday, May 30, 2014

All I wanna do ooh ooh ooh ooh

I woke up with Jennifer Nettles in my head.

Not a bad way to start the day

Whenever I think of Jennifer Nettles, which is often (seriously, just look at that ^) it invariably takes me back to a road trip through Kentucky with The Gorgeous Blonde. I hadn't really ever listened to Sugarland before we started dating and she is a huge (fan). We decided on the rule that whomsoever is driving is in control of the radio. So here we are driving through Deliverance country (yes, I was more than a little ascairt) when Sugarland reached into my gooey middle and twisted it all around. Next thing I know, I'm having thoughts about the rest of my life with this Corvette driving hillbilly. Stoopid Sugarland.

Did I mention that the Gorgeous Blonde is leaving me for two months on Sunday? She's tired of my shit and wants to give white guys a second chance.

Or she's going to Alabama for training.

Either way, that may be the cause of this sapfest. I feel the need to apologize. Wait, this is my blog so fuck your face!

One last thing, the other day I said I would be posting a story on Twodudesblog today... I will have that story up in time for lunch California Time.

Have a day.

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