Friday, May 2, 2014

Al, who's at the bar?

Last night I was pretty sure I was going to write about Duke and their taking PC to a ridiculous level, but then I got on Facebook this morning and realized the stupid is not unique to Duke they're on TV more than Leave it to Beaver reruns University.

The stupid is strong in all of us. Even me. I know, I'm as shocked as you are.

I have posted no less  more than two memes that were factually incorrect.

And sometimes (maybe more than twice) I voice an opinion on politics or god. That's always stupid. Don't get me wrong, my opinions on those subjects are fucking brilliant. My execution leaves something to be desired.

Telling people that their imaginary friend is just as useless as the brown guy in the desert's imaginary friend is probably not the way to win over hearts and minds to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

And this is meme is probably not going to win over any hearts:

In all fairness, there is no mind to win.

What's I'm saying is that I'm no genius either.

Anyway, a couple of quick afterthoughts on Duke U...

Man up.

Two words. I'm sure they mean something something different to the nitwits that run Duke University.

But to most men they mean nothing more offensive than put on your big boy pants and handle your business. It's not a physical strength thing, dumbasses; it's a strength of character thing.

And Duke is supposed to be a smart school. Pfft.

I must have needs coffee.

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