Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kangaroos and other wild beasts

You ever get in the shower, wash your body with shampoo and your hair with body wash? Yeah, no, me neither.

I just got an email that the PS Nittany Lions HUB are following me on Twitter. They are not associated with Penn State apparently. Neither am I. But I almost was once.

True story: after serving semi-honorably in the United States Aim High Just Not That High Air Force I applied to Penn State and got accepted.

You got to have yo' dreams. - Pretty Woman

I never attended. It was expensive and because I only served semi-honorably I lost the services of my GI Bill. However, I was still eligible for all sorts of VA Loans but that was too much paperwork and I remembered how much I hated school in the first place.

Plus, I ended up at Akron. Fear the 'Roo and whatnot.

I need coffee.

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